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Code of Practice:

This Code provides a clear summary of the sales and marketing policies for our fixed-line telephony products. Further details can be found in our main Code of Practice. This can be found at

Imperial Telecom Limited is an independent telecommunications company registered in England & Wales, company number: 08569770 and is also registered with HMRC with VAT Registration Number 259 3940 68. Imperial Telecom is one of the most competitive providers of telecommunication solutions to business and residential customers. Offering fixed line telecoms and broadband services in the United Kingdom.

For the most up to date information, please refer to our website at A copy of this Code is available to customers at ( If you would like to obtain printed copies of this Code free of charge, or a copy in large print, please let us know at the address below.

Contact details:

Please contact our Customer Service Team.

Our Products and Services

  • Landline Calls
  • WLR -Wholesale Line Rental
  • Broadband Bundled
  • VOIP

For more details on any of our products and services, or to place an order immediately, please contact our Customer Service Team on 0208 144 1786

Commitment to Quality:

We are proud that our business is an independent business and that our growth should be delivered by referral from our customer base and the preferred status we hold with several esteemed organizations.

The purposes of these commitments are:

To provide you with standard service within the Law.

To ensure that our sales and marketing activities are practiced in a responsible manner and deliver good practice.

Imperial Telecom Limited (Trading as Imperial Telecom Limited) is registered in England & Wales (Company number 08569770))

Our Commitment to you:

Our commitments within these Codes deal with any concerns arising before, during and at the point of sale, with particular emphasis on the avoidance of mis-selling and misrepresentation.

Our main aim is to ensure that you understand the services offered and the key terms of any contracts you have agreed to.

Imperial Telecom believes in providing the highest levels of customer service and satisfaction. We are constantly reviewing our services and processes in order to provide our customers with the best service available today.

We do not want as customers those who have been mis-sold or had our service misrepresented so we welcome any feedback from customers who feel so sold to. It is our mission to remove any sales activity that causes these problems.

Sales, marketing, advertising and promotion:

We approach customers in many ways - by press advertising, promotions, post, fax, electronic mail, telephone or in person. In all cases, Imperial Telecom employees and representatives and agents must act responsibly and comply with EU General Data Protection Regulation 2018 (GDPR), and any other relevant codes of practice, laws and regulations.

We aim to ensure that our advertising and promotional literature is clear, unambiguous, and accurate and fair, containing no false or misleading information about price, value or service. We will not denigrate other service providers or claim to be acting on behalf of them.

We will respect your wishes where you have registered with any relevant preference service, including the Mailing Preference Service, the Telephone Preference Service, the Fax Preference Service and the E-mail Preference Service.

All sales agents will be regularly monitored for quality purposes. In the case of call centre sales, call transcripts prepared as per sales recordings will be maintained for 06 months to monitor the process, a process of reviewing any sample of call transcripts will be followed and corrective action will be taken, if any issues arise from this process.

The way we pay our Call centres will not encourage poor sales practice and non-compliance with the commitments in this Code. All Call Centres working with us shall abide to the EU General Data Protection Regulation 2018 (GDPR), ICO guidelines & OFCOM General Conditions as applicable. All our call centres have signed up to our "Quality Assurance Guarantee" and the effect of breaking this guarantee is significant to the call centre.

General Sales Representatives must clearly identify the business (Imperial Telecom) and the purpose of the contact at the beginning of the conversation. Sales Representatives must be courteous, use appropriate language and offer clear and straightforward explanations. Representatives must cease contact with any person who indicates that the contact is inconvenient, unwelcome, inappropriate or too long.

Sales Representatives must take care to ensure that customers entering into contractual agreement understand all details and information provided to them.

Sales representatives must not sell to vulnerable individuals. Calls to individuals who clearly do not understand or are confused must be politely ended.

Sales representatives must not sell to those who are under the legal age for entering into contracts, being under aged 18. Sales representatives must ensure that the person agreeing to the sale is authorized to do so by being the account holder or confirming that they are an authorized decision maker for that household or business.

We will not accept sales from those who clearly do not understand the service being offered. All calls are listened to independently by our Internal Quality Assurance team and any call where the potential client is unclear or confused are not processed. In cases where an individual is above the age of 80 years, and who show a clear intent towards signing up for the service(s), will we provision such orders unless taken through an additional verification where they respond clearly to the questions asked of them by a supervisor, followed by a confirmation call made from our London Office by a section of staff dealing with old aged customers the next day, of them signing up with our services.

Recruitment and Sales training:

We have strict procedures for the recruitment and selection of all staff (or any sub-contractors) who have direct contact with customers. This includes identity and security checks.

We endeavor to have adequately trained sales staff able to give accurate and clear information about our fixed-line telephony services to potential customers. Our staffs are aware of the industry practices in the UK that allow customers to change provider. They are well aware of the EU General Data Protection Regulation 2018 (GDPR) & OFCOM General Conditions as applicable.

Our staff understands the various packages and services offered as part of Imperial Telecom and how they compare to competing products. They will be able to explain the ordering process, our prices, the terms and conditions which apply and the process for cancelling a contract during the cooling-off period or at any time following commencement of the service.

We ensure that all our sub-contractors and agents have equivalent selection and training procedures in place.

Customer contact:

Our sales staffs do not telephone between 9pm – 9am, unless you ask them to.

Entering into a contract: information, order forms and contracts:

Customers will be given the following information in our product brochure/T & C in a clear comprehensible prominent and accurate manner:

Our company name, address and contact details

Switching Date

Service Affected if any

A description of the service chosen and how it works, including the cost of any standing charges (a full list is available on our web site)

Details of the payment terms

The process for provision of the service

Details of the right of cancellation and the process for exercising it

The period for which the charges remain valid

That we are an independent company

We will also send to all customers a letter setting out details of the transfer and the following information:

  • Date of notification
  • CLI(s) affected
  • List of services affected/unaffected, e.g. Messaging Services
  • Switchover date
  • Our contact details for any queries
  • Full Terms and Conditions
  • Code of Practice
  • Price List

Where relevant, sales conducted in this way will comply with the (Distance Selling) (Amendment) Regulations 2005 and General Conditions 24 as stated with OFCOM and any other relevant codes of practice, laws and regulations.

Cancellation & Agreement:

If you feel that you wish to change your mind after signing up to our services, we will terminate the contract if you let us know within the (10) Working Days excluding Weekends and Bank Holidays from the Start Date of the Contract until a day prior to activation of service/services during which you may cancel the contract without any cancellation charges.

If you wish to end your contract you may do so at the end of any contracted period without having to pay any early termination fee or penalties, provided you give us minimum of 28 days prior notice [ i.e. during month 23 of an 24 month contract].

If you wish to end your contract with us in between the contractual agreement, without giving us the required notice, you will be liable to pay a termination fee. The termination fee will be

£15.58 × months remaining of your contract = (Telephone Services)

£31.16 × months remaining of your contract = (Telephone & Broadband Services).

You can also view details of this on our Terms & Conditions (Section 2(d.2)) at

Faults and repairs

Please call our Fault Service Team on 0208 144 1786 if you experience a fault with any of our services. We aim to have this investigated and repaired as per below service level opted.

Care Level 1: Enabled on lines without additional charge

Clear by 23.59 day after next, Monday to Friday, excluding Public and Bank Holidays. For example, report Tuesday, clear Thursday.

Care Level 2: Enabled on line for additional charge of £0.99 exc VAT pm

Clear by 23.59 next day, Monday to Saturday, excluding Public and Bank Holidays. For example, report Tuesday, clear Wednesday

Care Level 3: Enabled on line for additional charge of £5 exc VAT pm

Report before 13.00, clear by 23.59 same day. Report after 13.00 clear by 12.59 next day, seven days a week, including Public and Bank Holiday

Moving home

Please call our Customer Services on 0208 144 1786. At least 28 days before you move so that we can make the appropriate arrangements and ensure that you are not charged for calls made from your old address once you have moved. A final bill can be sent to your new address once you have moved. It may not be possible to provide the telephone service at your new address, if this is the case we will tell you as soon as possible.

Price lists

Our pricing structure is available from our Customer Service Team on 0208 144 1786 and via our website We will write to you in advance if we change the pricing structure on your products and services.

For internet orders, links to the terms and conditions of the agreement and the information referred to above will be clearly displayed and the information will be available to be easily downloaded and printed.

Billing & Payments

We will bill you monthly. Payment can only be made by direct debit. This is agreed at the start of your contract. We provide itemized bills as part of our service to you free of charge if you have an online account. Payment for services must be made from a UK residential/business bank account, by Direct Debit.

At the customers' request, full written information about tariffs must be made available. For Old aged & vulnerable customers, if you have difficulty paying your bill, please contact us on 0208 144 1786 and we will try to arrange a payment plan. We will do all we can to help our customers to manage their bills and avoid disconnection or penalties. Please refer to Imperial Telecom's terms and conditions.

Although we pride ourselves on our quality of service, we may occasionally get it wrong. If you are unhappy with the service you've received, please tell us and we will do all we can to resolve the matter quickly and satisfactorily.

We will always try to resolve the matter during your first telephone call but if we can't, we will give you an approximate timescale and return your call.

We keep under review the procedures by which contracts are agreed and take appropriate steps to prevent recurrence of any problem identified.

If you feel your complaint has not been resolved and you remain unhappy please follow the steps below:

Consumer Code of Practice on Complaint handling and Dispute Resolution:

1. Contact our Customer Services in any of the following ways:

  • Date of notification
  • On the customer services number 0208 144 1786
  • By emailing us at; or
  • By mailing your complaint to the following address:
  • Imperial Telecom Limited, Complaints Dept: 46, Syon Lane, Isleworth, Middlesex, TW7 5NQ.

2. Our Customer Service Advisor will do his/her best to fully resolve your complaint. In case of a family member/support worker calling to discuss an account, we will first request you to mail/email a letter of authorization signed from our account holder detailing your full name, relation and communication details. Once in receipt of this letter we shall only then contact you to discuss the details of the account. As per EU General Data Protection Regulation 2018 (GDPR)

3. If you are not satisfied with the way in which the Customer Service Advisor proposes to deal with the issue, you should ask to speak to a Customer Service Floor Supervisor. If that person is not immediately available, they will contact you to review your complaint within 24 working hours and Endeavour to resolve it quickly.

4. If you still not satisfied and the issue remains unresolved after dealing with a Floor Supervisor, you should ask for the issue to be escalated to the Complaints Department, we will now require a letter from you addressed to the Complaints Department detailing the full nature of your complaint and the name of the Floor Supervisor that you have spoken with. When received this will be allocated a Formal Complaint "Case" number and your complaint will be investigated as a Formal complaint.

5. There now is a maximum of 8 weeks in order to resolve your complaint

6. We hope it won't come to this but if, after dealing with the Compliance Department, you are still unsatisfied with our response and we have written to you with our final position (known as 'deadlock') or we have not resolved your concerns within 8 weeks, you will now be able to contact an independent arbitrator. You will now have a period of not more than 6 months to register your grievance.

The contact for the independent arbitrator service is CISAS:


70, Fleet Street

London EC4Y 1EU


Tel: 020 7520 3814

Fax: 020 7520 3829

CISAS is an independent organization which is approved by Ofcom to provide an alternative dispute resolution (ADR) service. Ofcom-approved ADR services sort out disputes between communications providers and their consumer and small business customers. Their job is to investigate complaints fairly by listening to both sides of the story. They look at the facts given to them before recommending any action that may be needed to put things right.

Non-compliance with this code does not affect the validity of any contract between the company and the consumer, unless the law states otherwise.

Data protection:

Imperial Telecom Ltd is registered with the Data Protection Agency (ICO) to hold information necessary to supply services to our customers in line with EU General Data Protection Regulation 2018 (GDPR)

Responsibility for compliance with this code of practice:

If you feel that any Imperial Telecom representative has breached this code in anyway please contact the Compliance Manager (Mr. Roger Kenrup) at Imperial Telecom, 46, Syon Lane, Isleworth, Middlesex TW7 5NQ or by calling us on 0208 144 1786. Please provide as much information as possible to enable a full investigation to take place.

Useful addresses:

Fax Preference Service

If you do not wish to receive unsolicited telemarketing faxes, register on line at or call 020 7766 4422

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