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About Us

About Us

Welcome to Imperial Telecom

This particular industry contributes to the socio-economic welfare of people and almost every residence and businesses in UK, utilize this service to carry out their day to day affairs. There is no need to explain the necessity of broadband internet connection in this advanced era, therefore at Imperial Telecom we offer cheap ADSL2+ and FIBRE broadband bundled deals for customers to avail both speedy internet connection and telephone service.

Imperial Telecom is a fast growing Telecommunication Service provider here in the UK and since our motto being customer’s happiness, we cater the best telephone and broadband deals for you, which is highly advantageous and cost effective. Imperial Telecom does its research and we understand the telecommunication market like the back of our hands, observing the trends and all the necessary data, we ensure that customers receive exceptional connectivity.

We provide perfectly sculpted packages unique for each customer whether it’s a residence, small, medium or large companies. With our fantastic cheap home and business phone deals, we hope to help customers all across the UK, both families as well as offices to connect with each other for a worthwhile experience.

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We are a telephone and broadband provider in UK who are never satisfied until our customer’s needs are fully accomplished.

Imperial Telecom has an aim to install telecommunications to enough companies and homes in order to bring people closer together, to help processes work smoothly and therefore boost productivity. We use advanced technologies that help us deliver quick telecommunications services with competitive landline and broadband packages that come at measly prices.

With a long time alliance with the service provider BT Wholesale which is one of the most widespread providers in the UK, we reach customers all over the country who believe in our reliability.

Our dynamic and friendly team has a strong bond that helps us work together to allow people to link successfully and consistently using our network connections.

We provide broadband services.

Fast and Money-saving

Our collaboration with BT Wholesale, the leading carrier in the UK, empowers us to establish Imperial Telecom Ltd as one of the fastest telecommunication service providers for residential homes and small businesses in the UK today. We deliver reliable quality services that will save more money without restricting your use or quality of service on all your utilities from phone, mobile & broadband services. This savings can be reinvested in your business or anywhere you like.

Why Us

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We have years of experience in dealing with residential telephone users & business owners, backed up by our exceptional Customer Service team. We pride ourselves on delivering the Market Leading Business & Residential Tariffs, using the largest fixed line & Broadband network, covering most of the UK Population. We are always investing in the latest technologies to give you best possible Telecommunication services and fast Broadband Speed even at peak hours. We have a well experienced team of experts to ensure the services you receive from us will make you happy & keep you satisfied far ahead of our competitors.


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