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How has the Telecom Industry in the UK Evolved, and what are the future predictions for 2018?

By- Carmel De Rosario    01 Feb 2018

The Telecom industry in the United Kingdom is all but steady. Especially with the huge increase in the use of smart phones, of which, stats show seven out of ten people own, and increased data service usage which includes a good 46 percent 4G data service usage in the year 2015, which now means that the internet has taken over a major chunk in the telecommunications sphere.

What was the scenario of the telecom sector in the past- 2015-16?

In terms of what has occurred in the past, which is in 2016, we are aware that there has been a 64 percent increase in mobile data traffic and even home and small businesses internet services had gone up 40 percent. Even the speed of the data increased to 30Mbit/s for 42 percent of total data usage in 2015.

Because of the boom of the internet, other telecommunication sources have spiraled downwards. In 2016, especially because of the excessive use of internet data in the form of apps like Whatsapp, Viber, and IM’s to voice connect to people, telecom carriers were struggling to keep up and fell as far little as 15 percent in roaming, 20 percent in international voice and 30 percent in SMS. And this small amount kept on decreasing owing to minimal revenue growth per user and margins declining nature.            

What is the current scenario in terms of the telecommunications sector in the UK? 

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